Our Story

A Modern Romance

Lisa “winked” at Earl on Match.com.  Their first phone conversation lasted 7 hours.  Obviously, there was an easy connection!  On their first date, they enjoyed the comedy of eating pizza with the hottest jalapenos known to man and the sweet relief of soothing beers.  They ended the evening walking along the lovely Woodlands waterway together.  It was a wonderful night and a wonderful beginning.

In summer of 2011, Earl asked Lisa to move in with him.  Having never lived with anyone before, they were each a little apprehensive, but excited, too.  However, when Lisa moved in, it was like she had lived there her whole life.  It was one of the easiest transitions for both.

A Family Heirloom

In February 2013, Earl secretly started planning a marriage proposal and searching for the perfect engagement ring.  He started researching cut, clarity, and carat and looking for a ring she would love.  When he didn’t quite find what he was looking for, he decided to call Lisa’s Aunt KK.  She previously offered to hand down the wedding ring her late husband had given her.  As a true romantic, KK happily gave him the ring only asking him to promise to put God in his marriage to Lisa.  He happily agreed.  Earl worked with a jeweler to design a beautiful and unique ring that would fit Lisa’s hand perfectly.

A Little Mystery and Suspense

Earl decided he would propose to Lisa at dinner on her birthday.  To increase the suspense and mystery, he told her he had ordered her “birthday gift” and hoped it would arrive in time.  He planned an elaborate series of daily clues about the “present” which he revealed during the weeks leading up to her “birthday dinner”.

Some of The Clues Earl Teased Lisa with for her “Birthday Present”

  • You cannot plug it in
  • it’s smaller than a refrigerator
  • it has been customized
  • it was made in the USA
  • they make fakes
  • it’s not a fake
  • it comes in many colors
  • mine is the basic color
  • there has been more than one song written about it
  • it has precious metals
  • they sell them on Craigslist
  • he didn’t get mine on Craigslist
  • it can be found in a pawn shop
  • he didn’t get mine in a pawn shop
  • it is not alive and never has been
  • Marina, the jeweler

He came up with some great clues and had quite a misinformation campaign going.  At least once a week, Earl let Lisa know that he was concerned about whether the present would arrive in time because it was on backorder. Lisa never figured out that Earl had a ring up his sleeve.  Earl was enjoying every second of the suspense and drama he was building.  Let’s just say, he’s knows his audience.

On the day of Lisa’s birthday dinner, Earl planned an entire day of activities including visits with family, a movie and a drive in the convertible in the beautiful spring Houston weather.

A Birthday Proposal

At dinner, Earl was a little nervous.  Lisa was just excited.  While waiting for appetizers, Earl asked Lisa if she wanted her gift.  “Of course”, Lisa said. He said he didn’t have her big gift since it hadn’t arrived, but how about the little gift he bought her.  Lisa had no idea there was possibly more than one gift, so was really excited.  Earl reached into his pocket and pulled out a little blue box.  He opened the box and pushed it across the table.  Earl then asked Lisa if she would marry him, would she be his wife.  Lisa said, “YES!  Absolutely!”, and started crying.  About this time, the room went away for both, and all they could do was smile, cry and laugh with each other.  The ring Earl designed is absolutely gorgeous and fits Lisa and her style perfectly.  The waitress offered two glasses of champagne and the manager offered a toast to the newly engaged couple. And many of the patrons congratulated them during dinner.  And to top off the perfectly romantic dinner, they were served miniature heart shaped crème brulees for dessert.  Later in the evening they eagerly shared the news with family including Earl’s sister Kathy and Lisa’s Aunt KK, who were two of Earl’s co-conspirators.  Wanting to continue their celebration, they capped off the night at a bar where Lisa couldn’t help but tell everyone she met!

The Future

Lisa and Earl would like to say thank you to all for your love, support, and excitement for them as they start on this adventure of wedding planning, ceremonial celebration, and a life together with many hopes for growing love, happiness, health, and success.  Thank you for caring about and loving us!